Permits Protect Tool Kit

The Permits Protect program is designed to help consumers, specifically homeowners, remodelers and other property owners, have a better idea of how permits help protect their property. A number of promotional materials have been developed in an effort to spread this message.

Permits Protect is happy to assist anyone interested in using these materials.

Contractors, retailers, trade and industry associations and local building departments may tailor and use the Permits Protect informational and promotional materials available in the "Toolkit" found below.

When you make major changes to the content of these materials to fit your needs, please contact the Building Codes Division at 503-378-4133. Permits Protect would also like to request samples of the materials you produce for our records.

While the Building Codes Division has trademark protected the Permits Protect logo, the division authorizes its usage in materials or advertising that promotes using permits and licensed contractors.

However, please note that using Permits Protect information, logo, materials or advertising does not in any way constitute a state endorsement of your business, association or department, and may not be used as such.

Permits Protect Tool Kit